This Video Shows Exactly How Eating Organic Affects Pesticide Levels in Our Bodies

This Is How Eating Organic Affects The Pesticide Levels in Our Bodies


There’s a growing interest in eating organic, especially among parents concerned for the health of their family. But you might be wondering if, compared a diet of conventional foods, choosing organic packs anything more than negligible benefits.

New research from Sweden’s Coop and the Swedish Environmental Research Institute put the effects of eating organic to the test. For the study, the scientists recruited a family that closely resembles those found in many modern households, consisting of two adult parents, and three kids ages 12, 10 and 3.

The family started by eating a conventional diet for one week, followed by a fully organic diet for the next two weeks. During the testing period, each family member provided morning urine samples to be analyzed for 12 known pesticides or metabolites — you can watch the details in the video, above.

The family’s exposure to pesticides drastically dropped when they switched from conventional to organic eating. “A change in diet from conventional food to organic food made an average decrease in human exposure to the investigated pesticides by a factor of 9.5,” lead researcher Jörgen Magnér tells Yahoo Health. “The largest decrease was observed for the children.”

Even he and his colleagues were surprised “that the pesticides left the body rapidly after the participants change to an organic food diet,” according to Magnér. “If you are the least worried about what these chemicals can do to your health, you can control it through your choices of food.”

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