The NBA’s Best Players Are Losing Weight, Thanks to Kobe

LeBron James has lost significant weight this summer.

NBA players losing weight has been one of the most interesting trends of the offseason.

LeBron James cut carbs and lost 10 to 12 pounds. Carmelo Anthony did the same thing. Dwyane Wade says he is lighter than he was a year ago.

These three guys were all drafted in 2003. They were among the five best players in the league for a decade. They were on the Olympic team that restored USA Basketball to dominance. They were at the forefront of every major and minor NBA trend you can think of — from the rise of the superteam in free agency, to the widespread use of the “stretch-4” on the court, to the explosion of the outrageous NBA fashion off the court.

Now, all at once, they’re slimming down.

And to answer why they’re slimming down, you just have to look at Kobe Bryant.

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