Eat This, Not That, For Amazing Abs

Get swimsuit-worthy ripples by summer with these 8 slimming swaps. 

Here are four proven and effective ways to get abs fast:

  • Go on a crazy restrictive vegan cleanse—the method preferred by Beyonce.
  • Do 600 sit-ups a day—a la former Spice Girl Mel B.
  • Live on nothing but protein shakes—like Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima.


  • Make 8 simple swaps, eat steak and potatoes, and sacrifice nothing—and lose up to 16 pounds in 14 days.

Sure, the 600 sit-ups sounds tempting. (Hey, that’s only 18,000 a month. Come on!) But at Eat This, Not That!, we’re all about getting the hot, sexy belly you want while eating the hot, sexy foods you want—and not spending half an hour each day doubled over in physical agony. So we identified some easy swaps that will turbocharge your metabolism, tame your hunger and set your body’s belly-burning mechanisms to automatic—inspired by The Abs Diet creator David Zinczenko’s new book, Zero Belly Diet. Get ready to reveal the lean, firm belly you desire–coming soon to a pool party near you!

Eat This for Abs!

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