Bike theft victim leaves thief hilarious note

A recent college graduate whose bike was stolen at a train station last week left a hilariously cheerful note informing the robber it may not be long before the perpetrator is caught.

“Hi there!” Aaron Rush, a 23-year-old from London, wrote in the letter, addressed to the “D—–bag Bike Thief.” “You stole my bike last night.”

Rush informed the alleged criminal that his bike — which had been locked up a train station in Kings Langley — was equipped with a GPS tracking device, and that the thief’s face could be seen on station surveillance footage.

“Admittedly I was kind of ticked off about this, but less so when I realised that you left your face on camera at the station,” Rush wrote. “And also you may not have realised but this is not the first bike i’ve had stolen, so I put a tracer inside the bike frame. So unfortunately for you, I know where you live.”

The note Rush left for the alleged bike thief. (Instagram/Aaron Rush)

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