10 Biggest Workout Mistakes Made by Men

Face it guys, even though getting in shape is usually easier for you than it is for the ladies, there are still a few common mistakes that you make in the gym.  As part of my Men’s Guide to Weight Loss, I spoke to a panel of experts about common workout mistakes that guys make that can stop them from losing weight.

1. Doing too much too soon.  One of the most common weight loss challenges that men face is the pressure to be tough.  “Men are macho, so they might push too hard, go too heavy or do too much too fast and then burn out or get injured,” says fat loss expert Tom Venuto. He recommends consistency and steady improvement for long-term results.

2.Listening to the wrong advice. World-class trainer Jason Corrie recommends that guys who want real results should work with a real professional.  He says that men often listen to the wrong advice – from friends or colleagues – and don’t get the results they want.

3. Relying on cardio.  Many guys who want to slim down turn to fat-burning cardio to lose weight.  But if that means neglecting the weight room then they’re making a mistake.  “Building muscle turns you into a fat-burning machine,” says Jason.  Expert Tony Schober agrees.  He sees men doing too much cardio too soon.  “Save the cardio for when you need it. If you start off with 4-5 cardio sessions in the beginning, you won’t have room to add in more cardio once your weight loss stalls.”

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